Yiyi Ouyang is a student at The Webb Schools in Claremont, California. He participates avidly in speech & debate, golf, cello & piano, science research and yearbook.

He is the president and founder of "Care Mission Youth", delivery hot food for LA downtown homeless every week. He also is the president and founder of "California Alliance for Public Education", to establish a platform for students, parents, administrators and other stakeholders in California education system, providing local and California state legislatures with constituent feedback, academic data, and other information to improve local public education policies. 

When he was 11 years old, he begin his hiking life, from 2014, he climbed 7 mountains, include 2 highest mountains : the highest mountain in Africa-kilimonjaro and the highest mountain in Japan-Mt.Fuji. 

has conquered the mountains and trails


Mt. Kilimanjaro

(The highest mountain in Africa.)

2016, July, 13 years old

(Tanzania, Africa)

*Altitude: 18652 ft (5685 meter) *Distance: 40 miles *Time: 6 days 5 nights

Inca Trail

2018, June. 15 years old

(Peru, South America)

*Altitude: 13780 ft (4200 meter) *Distance: 46 miles *Time: 5 days 4 nights

Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB)

2019, June. 16 years old

(France, Switzerland, and Italy, Europe)

*Altitude: 8743 ft (2664 meter) *Distance: 53 miles *Time: 5 days 4 nights

Mt. Fuji

(The highest mountain in Japan)

2015, Aug, 12 yeas old

(Japan, Asia)

*Altitude: 12385 ft (3776 meter), *Distance: 12 miles (19.2 km), *Time: 2 days 1 night

Thru-Hiking The California Backcountry

2020, Feb. 17 years old

(United States, North America)

*Altitude: 5278 ft (1609 meter) *Distance: 30 miles *Time: 5 days 4 nights

Kjeragbolten (Mt.Kjerag)

2014, July, 11 years old

(Norway, Europe)

*Altitude: 3228 ft (984 meter)*Distance: 7 miles (12 km) *Time: 8 hours

Preikestonlen Trail

2014, July, 11 years old

(Norway, Europe)

*Altitude: 1982 ft ( 604 meter)*Distance: 4 miles (8 km) *Time: 6 hours

Potato Chip Rock (Mt. Woodson)

2014, May, 11 years old

(America, North America)

Altitude: 2000 ft (600 meter) *Distance: 8 miles (13 km) *Time: 8 hours