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Help Porter of Kilimanjaro
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Mount Kilimanjaro is a unique travel experience and a once in a lifetime adventure for tens of thousands of climbers every ye.

When climbing Kilimanjaro, an extensive team of mountain crew – guides, cooks and porters – provide specially trained support throughout the climb to assist you in reaching the summit.

The porters, who carry all of your food and gear, are the heart and soul of your mountain experience. Without their strength, dedication and hard work, you would not be able to enjoy the magnificence of Kilimanjaro.

A Kilimanjaro trek requires a significant financial commitment. The cost to climb Mount Kilimanjaro includes government park fees for conservation of the mountain,VAT taxes, and the operational expenses to support the climb.

Climbing on the cheap often means lower wages and inferior working conditions for porters. The International Mountain Explorers Connection has created the Partner for Responsible Travel Program to recognize tour operators committed to fair treatment practices of their crew.

Whether you are a climber, local tour operator, travel agent, charity group, porter, cook or guide, the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project needs your assistance to advocate for and safeguard the fair and ethical treatment of all porters.

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